Need a Personalized Insurance Quote? Preparation Makes the Process Easier

If you’re shopping for an insurance policy, comparing quotes is a great way to get the best rates and coverage.  But, whether you request a personalized insurance quote by phone or online, you’ll need specific information handy to make the process go smoothly.  

No matter what type of insurance you need, the insurer will need your personal information.  You’ll be asked to give your name, DOB, sex, marital status, phone number, and email address.  Depending on the type of insurance policy, you may have to provide even more information.  So, let’s make sure you are prepared for every scenario.

How to Prepare For a Personalized Insurance Quote

Before you begin comparison shopping for personalized insurance quotes, take a look at these insurance quote tips to avoid wasting time.  

#1.  Auto Insurance

If you already have insurance, have the declarations page of your current policy on hand before requesting a quote from another company.  Whether you have insurance or need a new policy, you’ll be asked to provide the following:

  • Personal information: The insurance provider will need dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, education level, and social security numbers of everyone who will be included in the policy.  Since auto insurance rates vary from state to state, the location of the vehicle will also affect the cost, so you’ll need to provide your address. The agent will ask about the vehicle make and model and the name of the lender if the car is financed.  You’ll also be asked about the vehicle’s features, such as safety equipment or GPS.  This information helps determine how costly the repairs will be in the event of an accident or other damage, so gather these details before requesting a quote.
  • Driving history: You’ll be asked to provide an overview of past accidents or tickets incurred by anyone you want to be covered on the policy. Make sure you have the exact dates and other information ready before requesting a quote.
  • Other background information: The insurer may also ask if you own or rent your home, your annual income, and a list of other assets. How well you manage your finances, how well you drive, and how you maintain your vehicle are taken into consideration, so make sure you provide accurate information.

#2.  Homeowners Insurance 

A homeowners insurance policy will protect your home and family from serious financial hardship in the event of a loss.  When you want a homeowners insurance quote, the following information will be needed:

  • Basic information:  Your claim history, location of the home, size, age, and cost of the home will affect the cost of your homeowners insurance.  Be sure you have this information handy when requesting a quote.
  • Repairs and renovations – Have information ready about any improvements you’ve made to your home.  For instance, have you replaced the roof or done major renovations?  Any of these factors can affect insurance rates.
  • Current condition of the home and amenities – This information will help determine how much it may cost to rebuild or repair the home if it’s damaged by a covered peril. Ask your agent which amenities to include.

#3.  Renters Insurance Quotes

Getting a quote for renters insurance is less complicated than auto or homeowners.  You’ll need to provide your name, social security number, address, marital status.  Also include the number of people living in the rental, and size of the rental unit.  The agent will also need the approximate value of any belongings you want covered.  You’ll also need to provide information about safety features such as deadbolts or alarms.  The insurer will all want to know how close the rental is to a fire station.

You will need to provide your claim history, credit history, and whether you have pets. Also include whether you operate a home-based business.  Surprisingly, these factors can affect the cost of your insurance.

#4.  Life Insurance Quotes

When you want a life insurance quote, be prepared to answer some fairly personal questions.  You’ll be asked about your financial status, assets, current health, and health history.  The insurer will ask what you want to accomplish with the insurance.  Is it to replace your income or pay off your mortgage if you pass away?  Or, do you want to help pay for your child’s education?  The answers will help determine how much coverage you need and the policy term.

Getting a Personalized Insurance Quote Is Easier With Sandifer Insurance Agency

Comparing personalized quotes for insurance can be time-consuming and frustrating.  You have to provide the same information to several different insurance companies and hope you didn’t miss anything.  Then, you have to make a decision based on confusing or conflicting quotes.  

Why not make the whole process easier?  Let Sandifer Insurance Agency do the shopping around and compare quotes for you.  We have over 40 years of experience in helping customers get the best coverage at affordable rates.  Our agency works with America’s top insurance companies in life, homeowners, auto, farmers, or commercial insurance

Whatever your insurance needs, we can help.  Reach out to Sandifer Insurance online, by phone, or by email today to make your insurance search simpler.


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