Should I Buy Separate Insurance for My Wine Collection?  Here’s What You Need to Know

Wine enthusiasts delight in owning a collection of aged wines and take elaborate steps to protect their investment.  As an added measure of protection, they should also consider exploring the benefits of insurance for wine collections. 

People have always collected valuable items, but in recent years, fine wine and rare whiskey have become top collectibles.  In fact, the combined assets could reach $423.59 billion in 2023, according to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report.   

Whether you own a small or large wine collection, you want to know your investment is protected.  Many collectors assume their treasure is protected by their homeowner’s insurance.  It’s a good idea to check with your agent to be sure you have adequate coverage.

Do I Need a Dedicated Wine Insurance Policy?

Insurance for Wine CollectionsTypically, coverage for fine wine collections is not specifically mentioned in most standard homeowner’s policies.  Some coverage may be provided under your personal property coverage.  However, it’s possible to include scheduled coverage that names specific items you want to be covered.  Known as a personal articles floater, it allows you to cover items at a specific value.  

If your wine collection is extensive, you could benefit from a dedicated wine insurance policy.  Some insurers offer this type of coverage because it offers additional flexibility in coverage to account for changes in your wine inventory.  

To help you make an informed decision when it comes to insuring fine wine collections, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Insurance for Wine Collections:  FAQs

Please refer to these frequently asked questions about insurance for wine collections if you are unsure whether it is right for you.

Is my wine collection covered if I live in a catastrophe-prone area?

Living in a catastrophe-prone area such as Florida or California does not preclude your wine collection from coverage.  Usually, a special deductible will apply for perils such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or fires.  In addition to insurance, you should also have an evacuation plan to protect your collection if you live in a high-risk area.

Are open bottles covered?

Unfortunately, once you open a bottle, the insurance coverage no longer applies.  

Is my wine covered during shipping?

Some companies cover wine while it is in transit, but there are exclusions.  For instance, some policies only cover wine in transit when it is in possession of the owner.  Shipping by a third party is not typically covered.  However, some insurers provide recommendations for shippers who are proficient in handling wine and spirits.

Is there a per-bottle coverage limit?

Some insurers have a limit per bottle, not just an overall policy limit.  To avoid issues, take time to inventory your collection and use an app or spreadsheet to catalog the collection.  This step will help you know what you had in case there is a per-bottle limit.

Will my collection need to be appraised?

An appraisal is not always required, but it can prove helpful to have a professional appraisal if your collection is extensive.  Some insurers don’t require an appraisal unless your collection includes individual bottles that are valued over $50,000.  

Is a central burglar, fire, or temperature alarm required?

Alarms may be required depending on the size, value, and location of your collection.  Talk to your insurer to find out what is required in your situation.

Do storage conditions matter?

Protecting your collection is your responsibility when it comes to storage conditions.  Keep in mind that basement storage areas may be prone to water damage or flooding, so make sure your policy provides coverage for these perils.  If proper precautions are not in place, your collection may not be covered. 

Wine collections present many challenges when it comes to preventing loss.  Most insurance policies are not flexible enough to accommodate damages caused by light, temperature, or humidity.  Your goal as a collector should be to minimize these risks.

Different Types of Insurance for Wine Collections

If you are looking at insurance for wine collections, you’ll find two main types of coverage:

  • Blanket Coverage – This type of wine insurance has a price-per-bottle limit.  This coverage is a good option if your collection doesn’t include expensive wine.  It allows you to insure multiple bottles under one policy.
  • Scheduled Coverage –  Collectors with an expansive collection of high-value, rare wines benefit most from this type of coverage.  It requires a detailed inventory and may require an appraisal as well.

Still Not Sure?  Sandifer Insurance Agency Can Help

Getting the right insurance for your valuable wine collection is a great way to prevent financial losses.  If you are concerned about protecting your wine collection, contact Sandifer Insurance Agency.   We work with some of America’s top insurance providers to offer affordable, reputable protection for our clients and their valuables.  

Reach out to Sandifer Insurance by phone, email, or online to get a free, no-obligation quote today.


  • – Watches and Wine Top Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index

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