Why Boat Insurance Is Important for South Carolina Boaters

To ensure that you and your family enjoy many exciting boating trips this summer, SC boat insurance is a good idea.  This means that your future boating adventures will not be halted by accident-related expenses.

Warmer weather has arrived, and like most South Carolina boaters, you’re ready for fun-filled weekends out on the water.  Nothing can compare to the sense of freedom and adventure boating provides.  Nevertheless, boating is a big responsibility, and the risks involved are significant.

Does South Carolina Require Boat Insurance?

South Carolina law does not require boat insurance, but your lender may require it for a boat they finance.  Also, many SC marinas require some type of liability coverage.  Aside from that, boat insurance in SC provides protection from the high cost of repairs and medical bills after an accident.  

Here are some surprising facts about boating accidents that may help you decide whether to invest in SC boat insurance:

>  About one-third of boating accidents involve a collision with another boat.

>  Approximately 170 boating accidents occurred in SC last year.

>  Recreational boating caused 22 fatalities last year.

>  Alcohol is responsible for about 10% of boat accidents.

>  Boat accidents in SC cause about .98 million in damage every year.

Boating accidents are not as frequent as automobile accidents, but they can be just as dangerous.  To  protect boaters, SC boat safety laws require all boats have the following items: 

  • a throwable flotation device
  • fire extinguisher
  • a horn or whistle
  • life jackets for each person on board
  • sidelights and a masthead light  

For an added measure of protection, SC boat insurance is something you should not leave shore without.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Your homeowners insurance offers limited coverage for boats, usually up to around $1,000.  The coverage includes damages caused by fire, theft, or wind.  However, if you cause an accident and declared legally liable, the coverage does not pay expenses for injury, death, or property damage. 

A separate boat insurance policy will provide adequate coverage.

A typical SC boat insurance policy will cover the following whether your boat is in the water or in storage:  

Medical Payments Coverage Helps pay medical costs or funeral expenses if someone on your boat is injured in an accident.
Liability Coverage Helps pay medical costs, replacement or repair costs, loss of income, or funeral expenses of other people harmed in an accident caused by your boat.
Property Damage Coverage Helps pay damages to someone else’s watercraft or other property if it is hit by your boat.
Collision Insurance Helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle after an accident involving another boat or something such as a buoy, dock, pier, or debris
Uninsured Watercraft Coverage  Helps pay medical costs for injuries to anyone on your boat if it is involved in an accident with an uninsured boater.
Personal Effects Coverage Protects your personal belongings and fishing equipment and other items if lost, stolen, or damaged.
Boat Trailer Coverage  Covers damages to your boat trailer caused by an accident or other incident.
Repair Cost Endorsement Covers your boat, trailer, equipment, and motor, up to policy limits.
Emergency Services Coverage Repays up to $100 of towing, delivery of fuel, battery, or oil to the place of breakdown.
Additional Equipment Coverage Covers accessories such as life jackets, anchors, and navigation gear.

Cost of SC Boat Insurance

Similar to auto or homeowners insurance, boat insurance costs vary depending on several factors.  Generally, boat insurance costs range in price between $300 to $600 a year.  For large, expensive boats like yachts, the premiums will be higher.  

Compared to the protection provided, the cost of SC boat insurance is small.  For example, boating accidents last year in SC averaged $19,000 in damages per accident.

The cost of your boat, the amount of coverage, and the deductibles you choose affect the cost of boat insurance.  Also, where you use and store your boat will impact the cost of your insurance. 

Some insurance companies offer discounts on boat insurance if you take a boating safety class or have multiple insurance policies with the insurer.  Your agent can help you choose the amount of coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

Sandier Insurance Helps You Set Sail With Confidence 

Before you take your boat out this summer, make sure you can go with peace of mind.  With the right boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing your boat and family are protected. 

Sandifer Insurance Agency is a local, family-owned business.  We have over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, so you can trust our agents to provide you with the right boat insurance policy at an affordable rate.

Reach out to us to learn more about SC boat insurance and how it can help protect your family and your watercraft.  Contact us at your convenience by phone, email, or online.  Or, if you’re in our area, we invite you to stop by our office near historic downtown Cheraw, SC.


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