5 Questions You Should Ask About Farm Insurance
While many people are familiar with homeowner’s insurance or the auto insurance they are required by law to have on their vehicle, farm insurance is typically less well known. While it isn’t a product that the general public requires, it is a necessity for anyone pursuing farming activities. At Sandifer Insurance, we know the critical role farm insurance plays in protecting farmers and their families as they engage in farming activities.

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Importance of Farm Insurance

Farming can be an expensive endeavor. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be invested in a farm through the purchase and acquisition of land, equipment, and animals. Most farmers don’t have the financial means to replace these items should an unfortunate incident occur that damages or destroys them. A single event could result in a farmer losing everything and going bankrupt without insurance. This is why farm insurance is so important.

Farm insurance protects the financial investment that has been made on the farm over time. It also protects the hard work farmers and farm families put into working the land and caring for the animals. At Sandifer Insurance, we work with you, the farmer, to ensure that your hard work isn’t done in vain. We like to get to know you and understand all the aspects of your farm, from what farming activities you pursue to what equipment and property you have on your farm. By partnering with you and learning your farm business, we can help design the right farm insurance policy to cover your investment and your passion.

Types of Farm Insurance Coverage

Coverage options for farm insurance vary as there are several different coverage options to choose. For example, outbuilding coverage is an option if you have several barns, sheds, shops or other buildings on your home that could be damaged by fire, tornado or other events.

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Other examples of different types of farm insurance coverage include livestock and crop coverage. Livestock coverage is essential for farms with lots of animals as this coverage protects you in the event your animal population is wiped out due to natural disasters or disease. Alternatively, you might consider crop insurance to protect the items you grow on your land from hail storms, flood or other weather-related events. Additional coverage options that exist for farms can include:

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Farm Personal Property Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Irrigation Replacement System Coverage
  • Farm Income Coverage
  • Land Insurance

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Types of Farm Insurance Policies

Coverage options are the only nuances that exist in farm insurance as there are also different types or levels of farm insurance policies. For example, hobby farming policies are available if you pursue farming activities only as a hobby in your spare time. While this type of policy has certain restrictions on farm income and size of the farm, it’s designed to provide limited coverage for the farmer to protect what has been invested into the farm.

On the other hand, a commercial farm insurance policy is much broader and provides additional protection for the farmer. As the farm is operating as a business, this type of farm insurance policy provides general liability protection should the farm products or equipment cause illness or injury to individuals from the general public. Commercially operated farms are reliant on making a profit in order to continue farm operations. Because of this, a commercial farm insurance policy may protect against loss of income. Alternatively, it may protect the farm against claims or damages brought by the worker’s employed at the farm.

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Importance of Working with an Insurance Company

Unlike auto insurance or insurance coverage purchased to cover your house, there’s no standard farm insurance policy. Farms are incredibly unique as each has its land, buildings, equipment, and activities. Each of these should be taken into consideration when developing a farm insurance policy as this ensures the right coverage is obtained for the farm. At Sandifer Insurance, we take the time to do just that. We like to get to know you and discuss the specific aspects and activities of your farm. Doing so ensures that we craft the right insurance policy to keep you plowing away for many years to come.

Why Choose Sandifer Insurance Agency

Regardless of the type of farm you have, Sandifer Insurance is the right solution to meet your farm insurance needs. We love working with our clients to ensure they receive the right insurance coverage needed to protect themselves, their family and everything that’s important to them.

We are a second generation, a full-service insurance agency located in Cheraw, South Carolina. Whether it’s a farm, auto, life or home insurance that you need, we can find the right coverage to meet your needs.

We don’t want just to sell you insurance. We want to partner with you in building and growing your farm. If you find yourself needing farm insurance or want to see if better coverage is available for your farm than what you currently have, give us a call today. We can’t wait to talk to you and learn how we can help you!