crop insurance

crop insurance

Protect your farm & livelihood

Your farm is your livelihood and, likely, your most valuable asset. It is something that needs to be protected and cared for no matter what man or nature throws its way. However, there are times when the world can be unpredictable and your farm may face significant damage and be in desperate need of repairs or even entire renovations. Sandifer Insurance is a company that understands your desire to protect your livelihood and we want to help protect people like you, the backbone of America that is putting food on the country’s tables.

Sandifer Insurance

Sandifer Insurance is a second generation insurance agency that offers protection to its clients with coverage options ranging from home, auto, business, life, and farm insurance.

Our Mission has been the same throughout our journey: we want to provide our clients with trusted people that will advise the best coverage options in order to fully protect all aspects of their life.

My father started this agency in Cheraw, South Carolina over 37 years ago. He founded this company wanting to not merely sell to clients, but to build a lasting and meaningful relationship with the people of his community.

We service areas in both North and South Carolina and we want to tell you about the different ways that you can protect your farm, so you can continue providing to this country.

Benefits of insuring your farm

A farmer that has agricultural insurance is protecting themselves against setbacks and natural disasters. One of the primary benefits of insuring your farm is to protect against poverty after a natural disaster. When a horrible storm strikes and ruins a crop or an entire farm, it is important that you are able to land on your feet after the dust has settled.

Now, you probably know far more about farming than your insurance carrier. However, with the constant rise in technology in agriculture, your provider will likely help you invest in these new types of equipment to help you be successful. Your success is their success and they want to see you break new ground with top-of-the-line equipment.

The most obvious benefit of insuring your farm is also the most important: peace of mind. As a farmer, you have to worry about enough things as it is. Having insurance on your farm enables you to relax and discard worries of being sent to the poor house just after a natural disaster. We don’t want to see your farm fail, so we will do anything in our power to keep it running.

The Types of Agricultural Insurance

Before you make your decision on whether or not you want insurance, it is important to understand the different types of insurance you can take on your farm.

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

This is one of the most common types of insurance chosen by farmers. This type of insurance, known as MPCI, covers several different disasters that could affect your crop yield. These protected events vary by company, but they are usually:
  • Destructive Weather
  • Disease
  • Drought
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Inspection Damage

MPCI is backed by the government and well regulated. Almost 90% of farmers that decide to purchase farm insurance decide to opt-in for MPCI. Its benefits are obvious as it covers a wide range of foreseeable threats to your farm. The MPCI is available on over 120 different types of crop, so it is important to contact us to find out if your particular crop is eligible.

Crop-hail Insurance

South Carolina and North Carolina can have their infrequent hail storms. This type of insurance protects against them in the event that it has a substantial destructive effect on your yield. This is usually purchased as a supplement to MPCI which does not cover hail related damage.

Crop Revenue Insurance

This is a special type of insurance that farmers can purchase to protect their yield numbers. Crop revenue insurance protects you and your farm if the yield is lower than usual or if the price drops on your particular crop.

Want to know more? We are here to help

There are several types of insurance that we offer and we would love to help you get acquainted with each kind. The world can be unpredictable and we want you and your investment in your farm to remain safe.

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