Independent Insurance Agents: What Makes Them a Smart Choice?

The benefits of online shopping are almost endless, regardless of the product you are purchasing.  When it comes to buying a home, auto, life, or other insurance, it only takes a few minutes, if you aren’t too picky.  You can apply for a free quote and quickly get the cheapest rates.  But, you must ask yourself if “easy and cheap” is the best way to go about getting the kind of insurance you can depend on when you need it.  Would you get a better deal with independent insurance agents?

Is there a better way to buy insurance?  If you ask our customers, independent, local insurance agencies are the best option for many reasons.      

Why should you choose an independent insurance agent?  Having the right coverage in the event of a claim can protect you from serious financial loss.  

So, before you shop online, take a look at the following advantages of using an independent insurance agent.  A few minutes of your time now could make all the difference in whether you get the best insurance for your family or business.

Advantages of Using Independent Insurance Agents

Independent Insurance AgentsIndependent insurance agents are licensed professionals who do the shopping for you.  They work with multiple insurance companies and will compare rates to ensure you get affordable insurance that fits your needs.

What are the benefits of using independent, local insurance agencies?  Here are some of the most significant advantages you’ll enjoy:

>  Save Time, Energy, and Money

Shopping online for insurance may seem like the easy way, but before you know it, you’ve spent hours researching different companies and comparing quotes.  If you choose the wrong coverage, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on a claim because the coverage was inadequate for your needs.

An independent insurance agent takes time to assess your needs, make recommendations, and do the comparisons for you.  With their help, you will avoid the stress and hassle of choosing insurance on your own.  They also have access to exclusive discounts and promotions and can find policies with lower coverage limits or higher deductibles to help lower your premium.  

>  Get Personalized Support

One of the most appreciated benefits of using local insurance agencies is personalized service.  Rather than rely on automated systems or algorithms, they take time to assess your needs and answer your questions.  Then, based on their experience, they provide recommendations that they feel are the right choice for your situation.

If you need to file a claim or have questions, your local insurance agency is there to take your call in person.  Waiting for a return call from someone in another state or country is no longer an issue if you have a local agent.

>  Knowledge of the Local Insurance Market

Insurance regulations may vary from state to state, so it’s good to have an agent who is familiar with the local insurance market.  With this knowledge, local agents can recommend coverage based on the specific risks or challenges in your area.  For instance, for homeowners insurance, you need to know if floods, tornados, hurricanes, or other weather-related perils should be covered.  A local agent can provide the information you need.

>  One-Stop-Shop for All Types of Insurance

For your convenience, a local insurance agent can offer auto, home, life, business, and other insurance from various companies.  This means you only need to provide your information to one contact to obtain insurance.  They also offer the option of bundling your insurance policies for even more savings.

Are There Different Types of Independent Insurance Agents?

Yes, there are two types of independent insurance agencies.  They are:

  1. Captive Agents – Represent only one insurance company.
  2. Independent Agents – Represent multiple insurance companies.

Both types of agents can execute an insurance sales transaction on a variety of insurance plans from start to finish.

You may also hear the term insurance broker.  Agents and brokers are similar in that they each serve as intermediaries between buyers and the market.  Brokers represent the client, while agents represent the insurance companies.  An agent can complete a sales transaction between an insurer and buyer, while a broker cannot.  

Some independent insurance agencies are both an agent and brokers.

Choose Sandifer Insurance Agency for Reliable, Affordable Insurance 

Working with an independent insurance agent can give you peace of mind knowing a reputable professional will help you make the best decision for your insurance coverage.  You can rest assured that you have an experienced, knowledgeable advocate on your side.  

Before making a decision about your insurance, reach out to Sandifer Insurance Agency.  One of our agents will be happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed choice.  

Sandifer Insurance has earned a solid reputation by providing reliable and affordable insurance for customers in Cheraw, SC, and surrounding areas for more than 40 years.  Talk to us today by phone, or contact us via email or online to learn more about our services.


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