Want to Save on Car Insurance? Here’s What You Can Do

Aside from spending your life without a means of transportation, it’s not possible to forgo car insurance.  The good news is, you can save on car insurance by following a few easy steps.  Insurance premiums can vary from one company to another and you may be able to save a significant amount of money.  

The first thing to do is to review your insurance policy before the renewal date.  Next, you should talk to your agent or insurer to make sure your policy aligns with your current needs.  In addition to those steps, here are some ideas that will help you reduce your car insurance premium.

Compare Insurance Costs Before Buying a Car, Not After

Several factors determine the cost of car insurance.  For example, the cost to repair the vehicle, the likelihood of theft, the vehicle’s overall safety record, and of the car’s price.  You may find that a different vehicle would save you more on insurance as some are known to be safer than others.  Some insurers offer discounts if the car has features that reduce the risk of theft. 

Other safety features Car Insuranceinsurers look for are:

  • Structural design
  • Crashworthiness
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Restraint systems
  • Crash avoidance technology
  • Backup cameras
  • Vehicle weight and size

With these things in mind, compare costs for different makes and models of vehicles, and compare costs for one specific vehicle with at least three insurers.

Choose a Higher Deductible on Your Car Insurance

Nobody likes a high deductible because it’s money out of their pocket if an accident happens. But, a higher deductible can significantly lower the cost of your insurance.  By saving on premiums, you can set aside money to cover the deductible if it becomes necessary.

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Many insurance companies check your credit history when pricing your policy.  So, take time to check your credit frequently to see where you need to improve.  You also want to check to make sure your credit information is accurate.  You may find mistakes that are adversely affecting your credit score.  

Take Advantage of Insurance Bundles

Insurance companies typically offer discounts if you bundle your insurance policies with them.  If you have homeowners with one company, and life insurance with another, consider combining them with the same company and add your car insurance there as well.  Multi-policy discounts can help you save money, so it’s worth your time to check into this option. You can save even more by insuring multiple vehicles and drivers under the same policy. 

Ask About These Discounts

People who drive less than the average miles per year may qualify for low-mileage discounts.  Plus, some insurers offer discounts if you carpool to work.  Safe driver discounts are often offered for people who without a moving violation or accident during a specified time period.  Insurers may also offer discounts if you take a defensive driving course.  Also, parents with teenage drivers may qualify for a discount if their child takes a driver’s education course.

It’s important to note that even if an insurer does not offer many discounts, they may still provide the lower overall premium you seek.

Check on Group Car Insurance

You can save money on car insurance if your employer offers group insurance plans.  If you are affiliated with other professional groups or associations, they may also offer group insurance.  Depending on the organization, you may save up to 20% off your insurance premium.

Get Quotes from Different Companies

Although you can easily compare quotes online today, the process can become confusing and tedious.  Furthermore, you can’t know for sure if the company is reliable.  Many people have been scammed when shopping for insurance online. The most effective way to compare quotes is to let a local insurance agent do it for you.  

Let Sandifer Help You Save on Car Insurance

At Sandifer Insurance Agency, we work with many major insurers.  We will compare their quotes to get the best coverage for your needs at an affordable rate.  

Remember, the insurer you choose is someone you will rely on if an accident happens. You want to know you’re protected by a reputable, trustworthy company.  If you want peace of mind when it comes to car insurance, trust Sandifer Insurance Agency to help you get coverage that is right for your needs and budget.

If you have questions about car insurance, reach out to us by phone, email, or online to request a no-obligation, free quote today.  



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