Ways to Save Money if You Own More Than One Car

Ways to Save Money if You Own More Than One Car

Cheraw, SC’s Sandifer Insurance Agency is a family-owned full-service insurance agency that offers coverage for home, car, life, and farm. Our agency has served North and South Carolina for over 37 years and seeks to build long-term professional relationships with clients tailored to their individual needs, not just a quick sale.

We at the Sandifer Insurance Agency believe that insurance offers people the peace of mind they need to build their businesses and raise their families. We hope to add to that peace of mind by giving our clients and the public advice for maximizing the benefits they can expect to receive from our financial products — for instance, the benefits of having a multi-car insurance policy.

Benefits of Multi-Car Insurance

One of the best ways to save on insurance is to place more than one car on the same insurance policy. The insured are often eligible for discounts. For instance, married drivers are less likely to get into fewer accidents, have fewer claims, and are thus can expect to pay less for insurance.

There’s also a simple bulk-buying principle at work — it costs less to cover a large number of cars at once. Multi-Car insurance typically offers the same benefits as separate policies for a lower price. Motorists with multi-car insurance plans also typically only have to keep track of one set of payment and renewal dates.

Typically, the discounts a motorist can expect from multi-car insurance are 10%-15% off of liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, though of course, you will have to call up Sandifer for details. The same discount would apply no matter how many additional vehicles were added to the plan.

Moreover, motorists who also insure their homes through Sandifer may qualify for an auto-home bundle discount. These discounts average around 8%, though of course details vary case by case.

Qualifications for Multi-Car Insurance

All that’s really involved is putting more than one car on the same policy. It’s fairly straightforward! You’ll need to gather driver and vehicle information, including the license number for each driver and the Vehicle Identification Numbers, as well as the lienholder information if any. All this is consistent with single-car insurance.

Feel free to call us up at Sandifer and ask about any specific rules restricting your coverage. There may be a cap on the number of vehicles we can cover, as well as rules governing the relationship of the parties covered. For instance, related drivers in the same household may have a different level of eligibility than drivers in other situations.


The level of liability and uninsured motorist coverage on different vehicles covered by the same plan is usually approximately the same. However, collision and comprehensive coverage can often be carried on one or some vehicles and not others.

The same is true for such add-ons as rental reimbursement or custom equipment coverage. Thus, the general rule is that the optional and additional can differ among same-plan vehicles, while the parts of coverage required and necessary under state law must generally be the same for all.

One other thing to remember is that it is the vehicle that is covered, not the motorist. Thus, a motorist who drives her husband’s car would be covered under the husband’s policy, and the same will be true for anyone on the plan driving any vehicle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that other kinds of vehicles, like motorcycles, typically require a separate kind of policy. However, motorcycle owners may still be eligible for multi-policy discounts of up to 20%. Feel free to contact Sandifer for a quote to learn precisely what vehicles can be covered under that plan.

Typically, each vehicle owner must get their own insurance policy for each vehicle. However, the multi-car discount may still apply, especially if all cars are insured through Sandifer. You’ll have to ask us about the details of your particular case.

Is It Right for Me?

In insurance, as we’re sure you all know, one size does not necessarily fit all. Whether a multi-car policy is right for you and your family will depend on a number of factors, including the type, value, and condition of your vehicle and the age and record of the drivers who would be included in the plan. The long and short of it is if you might be interested in multi-car insurance and want to know what exactly you’re eligible for, feel free to call Sandifer for a quote!

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