Farm Liability Insurance: What Does It Cover?

As a farmer, you need to know you are adequately protected if someone is injured on your property.  If you have workers or visitors on your farm, the potential for a lawsuit due to personal injury is likely.  Whether you have a small family farm or a commercial ranch, farm liability insurance will protect your assets.

When an accidental injury happens to someone on your farm, you may be legally responsible for medical expenses or property damage.  A farm liability policy can help cover the costs in these situations.

What Does Farm Liability Insurance Cover?

Farm Liability InsuranceSandifer Insurance Agency will customize a farm liability policy for your unique needs.  We will make sure you are protected from bodily injury claims from visitors as well as accidental property damage claims that occur due to your ranch or farm operation.

Here are some of the things farm liability insurance covers:

  • Medical Payments – Helps pay for covered accidental injuries to visitors on your premises.  
  • Employer’s Liability – Protects against liability for injuries sustained by your farm employees if your state does not require workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Medical Payments to Employees – Covers certain medical costs for accidental injury suffered by your employee while on the job.  The coverage applies regardless of whether you’re at fault for the accident.
  • Umbrella Coverage – Provides liability protection over and above the limits on your farm insurance policy.  

Farms or ranches are busy places and this makes it more likely that something unexpected can go wrong.  Your farm liability insurance provides coverage for a variety of situations such as:

  • Acts of your livestock – Cows are usually gentle, but they can get spooked.  If visitors are nearby when it happens, injuries may result, such as the cow stepping on a visitor’s foot.  You will be legally responsible for the accident even though it was no one’s fault.
  • Fire liability – For instance, suppose you store your tractor in someone’s garage and the tractor starts a fire that damages the garage.  You will be legally responsible for the damages.
  • Agritainment and agritourism – Many farmers engage in seasonal trends on their farms such as pumpkin patches, hay rides, corn mazes, and sleigh rides.  If you hold these types of events on your farm, you’ll want farm liability insurance protection.
  • Faulty product coverage – Protects you from claims for damage or injury caused by a faulty product.  
  • Pollution liability – Protects your farm from loss due to events such as animal waste pollution.

Farm liability insurance covers a wide range of accidental injury or property damage.  Talk with one of our agents to find out how much protection you have.

How Much Farm Liability Insurance Do You Need?

The amount of farm liability insurance you need depends on several factors and can vary based on your operation.  Deciding how much insurance to purchase can be confusing, so let Sandifer Insurance Agency take away the guesswork.  We will assess your needs and recommend the best coverage for your unique operation.

These are some questions to ask when deciding how much insurance you need:

  1. Does farm liability insurance cover structures, equipment, vehicles, etc?
  2. Do I have worker’s compensation for my employees?
  3. Does my livestock generate income?

Farm liability insurance usually has a minimum limit of $100,000, however, most agents encourage you to set a higher limit to make sure you are adequately protected.  Sandifer Insurance will help you determine how much liability you need.  We will also help you choose additional coverages you may need.

Different Types of Farm Liability Coverages

Your standard farm insurance policy does not cover everything, but you can get additional coverages such as:

  • Crop Coverage 
  • Additional Structures
  • Extra Liability Coverage
  • Pollution Coverage

As a farmer, you know how quickly things can change on your farm which means the things covered on your insurance change as well.  To maintain the level of coverage you need, inform your agent of any changes such as new animals, equipment, or structures.

Contact Sandifer Insurance to Learn More About Farm Liability Insurance 

Sandifer Insurance Agency is located in Cheraw, SC amid many nearby farms.  Because of this, we have opportunities to work with many farmers to get the right insurance coverage for their needs.  

Sandifer is a second-generation, family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the insurance field.  We consider our customers as neighbors and want to help them protect their homes, families, and businesses.  No matter what your insurance needs, Sandifer has the expertise to get the most coverage at an affordable rate. 

If you are shopping for farm liability insurance, or need to evaluate your existing policy, we are here to help.  Reach out to us by phone, email, or online to get a free quote or to speak with an agent.  We will be happy to assist you in any way.


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